Lilian Muli new hair shave, Kenyans Love it!

Citizen Television News anchor Lilian Muli took to her Instagram account with a surprising hairdo. She eventually shaved! "Khaiii @stylistcollins ameninyoa kama kinyozi wa chini ya Mti GFF oh and

Akothee Forced to wear ‘leso’ to Parliament

Akothee entering Parliament. Earlier today, Akothee had an appointment in Parliament buildings and as usual, she had to make a grand entrance. Only that this time, it didn't go as

Sailors Releases a new Banger!

  Sailors New Hit Song Wainame. Just a few weeks after releasing the song Queen B. Machine, the Wamlambez hit makers are at it again, this time much bigger and

Reason Why Chipukeezy is terminating Contract With Ebru Tv

Kartelo and Chipukeezy in a past event. Social media has been buzzing with news of Celebrity Comedian Chipukeezy Vini leaving Ebru TV. This comes after the comedian took to his