A Depressed Youth


So much is expected of a growing young person. However, with the modernising times, a lot of pressure is put on the young people and the society tends to forget that these very ‘kids’ already have enough baggage of their own.

So much is overlooked. The much effort they put often goes unappreciated. Recently, the #depressedyouth gave a little light to the matter.

From years as a teen to practically late 20’s is when a person learns to discover themselves. This is when a person learns more about themselves. Their capabilities, their limits. It is quite sad though, to think of the youth; the most productive part of our population as a depressed group.

This is when they are supposed to realise their potential and build their self esteem. This is when they are supposed to study and get good grades It is when they think about moving out from home and settling on their own. There is so much pressure connected to making it before a particular age.

The exposure of a depressed youth is a realization of something that has been happening without attracting the much attention it actually needs.

The young people are so much in debt while at the same time unemployed and with no means of paying the debts. To an extent, there may be no hope of even acquiring jobs that we want. Isn’t it true that our economy is filled with selfish, corrupt, old technology and talent that is supposed to retire?

Love and relationships is also a major difficulty that they have not been able to comprehend in the right manner and time. The young people are hurt, so much.

Perhaps because we might have rushed into discovering things that were beyond us then. We didn’t take our time to love ourselves more before letting people love us.

We didn’t learn our strong points before we gave others the opportunity to mould us in a manner that would make us compatible with them.

It is repugnant that out education system did not teach us enough to let us know that we can also be makers of opportunities. We had to learn from our situations.

The older generation, by doubting us and confining us to a particular sphere, makes me think the world is afraid. Afraid of people that are going to be better than them. They limit us because given the chance, these very youth, could do wondrous things. According to me, the world’s greatness, innovations and changes lie with these unappreciated youth.

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