Are our Kenyan Universities safe!

Injured JKUAT Student.

It has now been a norm to hear about cases in our Kenyan campuses of students being stabbed, robbed, beaten to death and even hanged. Shawn Kevin Mugendi, a third year student at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology was badly injured, suffered stab wounds after being attacked by thugs as he was with his girlfriend.

Shawn was accompanying his girlfriend when they were ambushed by thugs and demanded for their phones and money. A little resistance led to stabbing and beatings, these is all done to a young student who doesn’t have a lot of money other than the little pocket change. It is saddening how our Universities have turned out to be very unsafe.

Barely a month a go, the same happened to a lady student which led to her early grave as she was attacked late at night being with her friend at around Juja town. Students have raised concerns of the high rise of insecure and even urged that police posts should be allocated near the school premises for the security of the students.

This outcry is not just from the students but also from the parents who expect to receive a graduating child and not a corpse in a box. Various institutions should work hand in hand with the security personnel and try put an end to these rise of insecurity.

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