Cabinet Reshuffle is on!

HE. President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kenyans have been up in arms with government concerning the high rise of corruption among various ministries and the incompetence of the Cabinet Secretaries who let billions of tax payer money slip into specific hands.

HE. President Uhuru Kenyatta released a statement of reshuffling various CSs. Now former CS Echesa will now be replaced by Education CS Amina Mohammed in the Ministry of Sports

The executive statement signed by HE. President Uhuru Kenyatta.

CS Amina Mohammed was appointed to the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage as now CS. Prof. George Magogha replaced her in the Ministry of Education. This has again raised concerns among the public about CS Amina appointment in the Sports Ministry considering that she doesn’t seem to have any form of exposure in the field, at least that the public knows about.

Now CS. Prof. George Magogha and CS Amin Mohammed.

The country has had enough of corruption and the main blame has always gone up the chain to the President. This has instilled a lot of pressure to him considering the Cabinet Ministers are his own appointees. By now end of February, 2019. Kenyans have lost close to trillions of Shillings just in corruption scandals that doesn’t seem to be solved any time soon. Hopes are the Shuffling of the Cabinet Secretaries will bring a change.

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