CS Echesa is sucked!

Now Former CS Echesa in a past public event.

HE. President Uhuru Kenyatta did a reshuffling of Cabinet Secretaries before his departure to Ethiopia. Among those who felt the heavy weight of the cut offs was former CS Echesa for Sports, Culture and Heritage.

It didn’t come as a surprise for the former CS as he was involved in various scandals that the President could not turn a blind eye on. Previously, HE. President Uhuru Kenyatta had issued a warning to all Cabinet Secretaries about the high rise of corruption and their performance.

The sports docket has not been doing very well as expected of recent from Harrambe Starts to The Kenya Seven’s team. This raised major concerns about the abilities of the CS if he is really qualified for the job.

Politically, for CS Echesa has been on the front line always criticizing about the next 2022 general elections, contrary to President Kenyatta’s liking. Being a political team player is one major quality every aspiring political should put into consideration and it has been clear enough Mr. Echesa didn’t put that into consideration.

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