Gender Based Violence Menace


Recent cases of gender based violence are not only overwhelming but also traumatising. Women, especially, have been forced to live with the after math of this. This has led to the twist of the dagger already stabbed by the fact that women have often been discriminated against.

The image created by society which portrays a man better than a woman has done much harm than good in the fight against GBV. Physical abuse to women is mainly inflicted by their male counterparts. The most recent is the one showing a video footage of a man assaulting a female guard. It was not only shameful but also degrading as it pulls back the effort made by women to equalise with their male. This , sadly, is not the only case where women have been physically abused, cases of domestic violence have also been on the increase. The ongoing case of a man who allegedly killed his wife and children is a perfect example of this.

Communities that still practice Female Genital Mutilation physically abuse the girl child. Although there have been efforts to end this menace, they have ended up being futile on other parts of the country.

Sexual abuse is the most common, it ranges from harrowing cases of rape to to those of attempted rape. Though the perpetrators are usually put behind bars in most cases, they leave an unending trail of emotional abuse on their victims. This victims often need psychological help to get through this phase.

It is thus clear that the efforts made by the Government in organising the national conference on gender based violence held on 16th to 17th October have gone to waste after witnessing recent happenings.

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