Her Own Prison

She had to and she knew it either way they would judge her, but if she did this there is no way they would find out after all the place was secluded. So with bold steps she walked right into her darkest fear.

She had an aura of confidence oozing out of her but looking closely in her eyes only shattered pieces of her would be noticed. She convinced herself that in there they were only interested in money so they would not judge her. It was dangerous something could go wrong she could bleed to death and lose both her life and the baby’s.

As she walked in doubts clouded her mind the place was eerily silent the air around so tense, the only sound was those of her heels clicking, the glass windows held her reflection looking at her with contempt and mockery.

It was ironical that once she had promised herself she would not look through their eyes but now the same eyes were here mirror where she made sure she was perfect in front of.

She thought about how they say aborting was not right as if she did not know that, but in her defence it was her body. She thought about how they would say she is just another victim of circumstance as a single mother and how they would talk in low tones whispering whatever it was and her pride would not let her give them the satisfaction. With the thought she pushed the door open to get on with it, her fate now depended on luck.

It was painful both physically and mentally after all it would be her conscience judging her all through. Her only consolation was that she was made of imperfections and this, well it would be just one of them.

She would be free after all this, at least that is what she thought, free from their prying eyes and their judging words but would she really feel that way. In its own way society snatched her freedom from her and led her to prison leaving her to lock herself in unknowingly.

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