Huawei Comeback!

Courtesy, Getty Images.

Chinese mobile giants might be brewing a surprise to the world especially after a hard and challenging fallout with Android and Google.

An expected downfall of the giant now is seen as a Major Comeback. Huawei have developed a new Operating System called, HongMeng. This new OS is alleged to be more than 60% faster than Android.

HongMeng OS launch seems to be around the corner, as various tests are still underway to finalize its operation. For now, it is not yet ready to be commercially available as there is no specific communication from the company.

Google now will no longer be able to make money from the Chinese Company. Last year, Huawei shipped about 200 million phones with Android OS in them. The phones on production will not include services such as Google Play Store services. This means, Google may be losing about $425 Million, annually.

Other Chinese companies such as Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo, might follow on their own as reports suggest that they are also trying on the HongMeng OS.


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