Khali Cartel 3 Kenyan exclusive

Khaligraph Jones/Instagram.

At 1pm, 26th September, Khaligraph Jones aka Papa Jones released his most hyped song Khali Cartel 3.

The song is a very unique one as it includes various artists in Kenya, some we know of and some we haven’t heard of. The five artists in order of appearance are; Bey T, Breeder LW, Silverstone Barz, Rekles and lastly Chiwawa.

Khaligraph Jones/Instagram

The whole idea that Mr. Omolo the Og is trying to pass across is that there is a lot of talent out there in the youth and he is doing everything to let it out and shine.

He even goes ahead and thanks Willis Raburu for recognizing talent and upholding the same in the youth through the Citizen TV program, 10 over 10.

“Big shout out to 10 over 10, to Willis Raburu. Kushusha pote again and again, Yoh Willi you did it my man, and they be feeling you my man” Khaligraph raps.


Rekles on the other had never stops amazing everyone. His tracks were at another level and this clearly shows that Ethic Entertainment as a crew heavily depends on him. In as much as fans have been trying to put them at a par, Rekles still stands out. Khali Cartel 3 just proved that to us.

Bey T. /Instagram

Bey T is a darling to all of us as a female rapper and definitely she had to be on the list. She first attracted our attention after releasing a dis track at Tanasha Dona.

The track went crazy viral and everyone was like, ‘Waaw where has this chic been all along’ her skills are unmatched.

Silverstone Barz./Instagram

Silverstone Barz took the mike and she killed it! I bet no one saw this coming. Yes she is very fresh in the game as very few had heard of her but her rap skills weeds over the roof.

Barz had made appearances in various radio studios like HomeBoyz Radio, this is where her talent grew. Now that she is Khali Cartel 3, we are sure to see more of her soon.

There is a lot of straggling that goes down with new young artists from getting the platform to being misused by producers. Being promised a bigger audience and ends up being thrown on the way after they have filled their pockets.

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