Mariga speaks on speculations of him not being a registered voter

Rafael Tuju and Macdonald Mariga. [Courtesy/Twitter]
Macdonald Mariga has been on the race for the Kibra Member of Parliament seat flying the Jubilee flag. A few hours a go, speculations from the IEBC stated that his details are not in their system as a registered voter.

One of the major requirements for one to run for any elective government seat, is to be a registered voter. This caused a lot of uproar online as netizens were ready to through stones and taint the image of Jubilee.

Mariga on the other hand, took to his official Twitter account and wrote this.

Attempts to flip our intentions to run for Kibra Parliamentary race will flop big time. 

I urge all our supporters to remain calm and peaceful as we seek redress against this unacceptable move. 

We’ll hit back and we’ll hit hard this time around. Tutakuwa kwenye kinyang’anyiro.” Click Here.

Images also were shared showing Mariga’s voter’s registration card.


This image has been going round in the internet as it is used to proof that Macdonald Mariga Wanyama is registered voter and should be back in the race to vie for the Kibra MP seat.

As the days go by, we are yet to know if at all, the former star football player will be back in the race.

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