Migori Governor Back!

Cyprian Awiti, eleted Governor.

Migori County has always had clashing conflicts of interest concerning who was lawfully elected as the governor in the general elections.

This Led to the opposeers of Cyprian Awiti Former Mp. Oyugi Magwanga to go to court and a by-election was called for. The High Court and the Court of Appeal both ruled for a by-election. Awiti’s lawyer James Orengo went to the Supreme Court and the judge surprisingly ruled on their favour.

“The appellate court decision is set aside in its eternity. The election of Homa Bay county will stand as the valid position as stated by the IEBC,” This is what Judge Jackson Ojwang had to say as the final ruling. Also, Oyugi Magwanga will bear costs for both Awiti and himself in the court proceedings.

As always, there was an uproar on social media as Kenyans could not put it together how the Supreme Court could rule in favor of The now Governor Awiti, yet two high courts of the land had ruled otherwise. Many had their theories but at the end a ruling has been made.

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