Reasons Why Some Women Love Period Sex


Some men and women consider sex during a woman’s monthly period duration as messy, disgusting, gross and nasty but this is not the case for all men and women.

In case you are in the category that wonders why people would have sex on a woman’s periods, here are some brainstorming answers for you.

1. Women are Hornier on Their Periods

Hormonal changes around the time leading to menstruation causes women to gain the urge for sex so strongly that for some it’s almost a craving.

This is due to high levels of estrogen which make the woman ‘feel good’ causing a surge of libido and desire leading to horniness during ovulation all the way to menstruation.

Low levels of progesterone during this period which is the hormone that causes that ‘not sexy’ feeling is another reason that women feel more sexual at this point. This reason makes 90% of women have sex on their periods.

2. Period Sex Reduces Cramps

According to research, orgasms are natural pain relievers for cramping women during their menstruation.

Experiencing orgasms reduces cramp pains magically and in a much more fun  way than taking paracetamols or any other painkillers.

3. Reduces Menstruation Duration

The contractions that the uterus goes through when a woman is having an orgasm during sex makes the uterine lining and blood come out faster.

When this process is faster, then the length of one’s period is reduced by a day or two. Frequent sex sessions during a woman’s menstruation period is therefore a great help to them.

4. Natural Lubrication 

According to the testimonies of most men and women, period sex saves them on lube used during sex.

Period blood is a natural lubricant as also there are discharges from the woman that are naturally stimulated therefore enhancing the sex drive. This makes intercourse more pleasant to both partners.

5. Safe Days

The odds of a woman getting pregnant while on her period are very low. Most women enjoy period sex because they do not have to worry about pregnancy as most of them if not all are on their safe days.

Women with longer cycles are much safer because ovulation happens 14days after your period which is a long time away.

Whether they talk about it or not, lots of people are having period sex so don’t be ashamed of it and don’t let periods stop you and your partner from having a good time.

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