Reasons Why Women Prefer Married Men


To some people it may sound totally new, unbecoming and absurd to admire another woman’s man but to some it may be something they love and want. Some women openly admit that a married man is a total turn on for them and they would not want to have anything to do with single or unmarried men. Here are some reasons why women prefer married men;

1. They are Providers

A married man especially one with a family has no problem with providing since they are used to it. Women therefore prefer these men since they do not have to keep on asking for things.

These men automatically feel the obligation to provide without being asked to do so which most women love as it makes them feel loved and cared for and makes life much easier.

2. A Security Figure

Some women find security in married men as they feel taken care of as these men are stable. For some ladies they see these men as more than just partners but as father figures and a source of protection. This is emotional security, physical protection and financial security. They feel secure in these men and they know that the man can commit, provide and protect.

3. Not Insecure

Married men are emotionally secure and they are not constantly in fear of losing the women. This makes them less paranoid and less overprotective. Most women love this kind of free spirit in a man since they are not constantly on their neck leaving a thousand calls and text anytime the lady does not reply to their text.

Young unmarried men are mostly prone to paranoia due to their insecurity which leads them to cause trouble in relationships and even do more serious things like murdering their partners or committing suicide.

4. Understanding

Understanding is key in any relationship and lack of understanding causes chaos in the relationship. Many women have confessed that dating married men is so much easier since they are understanding.

They understand that the lady can be busy at work all day, she can stay out late for work meetings, be out of town on business trips and go out on weekends with her girls or friends since they already have an experience with these things. This therefore makes dating them so much easier.

5. They are Honest

A man that is able to openly confess that he is married and has a family has nothing more to lie about. Women therefore find it much easier to trust these kind of men since they feel that he will not just wake up one day and disappear like the young unmarried free spirits.

Women have also said that these men are very open and honest as they have nothing more to hide and trusting them is much easier.


For the wandering souls your questions have been answered and your curiosity on why that lady is hang up on that married guy has been quenched.

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