Life is a journey with constant change. Lessons are learnt along the way and trials make us best fit for the battle of life. We struggle to live, not to succumb.Throughout that struggle, we must learn to keep the memories of the exact feelings and emotions. For it is we who inherit the goodness of the changes and betterment.

Remember the days when we were young, so that now when we’re older, we will do that which we wanted to and be whom we pictured ourselves to be.

Let us remember when we were naive and childish, and see the difference of our decisions and manners now that we have become wiser and more experienced in life.

In your feelings, remember when you were low, carrying that heavy heart within. Heavy hearts. Is that the burden that weighs us down and makes us feel low?

Remember that for the days when you will be high and contented. Remember the days when you were weak, for now that you are strong you will know the incapability that accompanies fragility.

Forget not the days when you were sad, for when the days of laughter come along, you will want to preserve and protect them.

Keep in mind the desolate days that were so empty, so that when company and companions come around you will know how tight to hold on to them.

You must recall your times of despair, with all the desparations. Those for the hopeful days that will remind you that good things like hope never die.

Do you recall the dark period when mornings never seemed to arrive? Remember those days and rejoice in the light that has ultimately broken.

Be mindful of the days that you had nothing. When the only thing you owned was your name.

Remember so that when one day you have everything you could ever wish for, you will know the value of appreciation and you will remember that you are not entitled to anything in this life.

Remember every moment of your failures, so that when success finally comes by, you will not forget that it took quite an effort. So remember, always.

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