Why People Cheat In Relationships


Cheating or rather infidelity destroys the fabric of a relationship as trust bond is broken. Contrary to our knowledge on cheating; that it is only when one engages in sexual contact with another person other than their partners.

Cheating not only involves that but also involves emotional connection with another person and even secrecy. In this case ones partner usually feels betrayed. There are many reasons that can lead to cheating.

These are a number of them:

1.Not being together for the right reasons.

The right reasons and arguably the only reason for being in a relationship is love. Lack of love is often a powerful motivation to cheat. Where the relationship is built on other reasons like infatuation; people falling in love with the idea of love and not love itself and materialistic needs, cheating is often witnessed as they are not really interested in their partner.

2.Revenge for past infidelity

Partners in a relationship are always intimate. In a case where the faithful partner has been cheated sometime in the past they often tend to hold a grudge and thus do not feel intimate with their partner.

The faithful partner may opt to cheat as a way to revenge. Revenge often gives them a feeling of satisfaction but in reality they are inflicting more pain to themselves unknowingly.

3.Lack of communication

When partners do not speak to each other about their issues and also listen to what each of them has to say there is always a communication breakdown in the relationship. This may lead one of the partners to find other people to open up to emotionally.

When this happens the may get emotionally attached to the one helping them out and thus cheat on the other not physically but emotionally.

4.Unsatisfying sex life and drive

Many people cheat because they are not satisfied with their sex life. They often look for excitement and thrill in other people.Most of them also cheat out of sexual boredom and thus tend to try out other people. This is common to both genders.Others claim to have a high sexual drive and thus go outside the relationship to satisfy their intimacy level.

5. Drugs and Alcohol

When we are drunk and high we tend not to care. We feel good and worry less about anything we do and what we involve in. We want to have fun see where it leads us and as a result do things on an impulse thus chances of cheating are really high.

This is just but a short list that we all witness in the immediate environment we are in.

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